Sunday, March 15, 2009

A MapAList Milestone - 5000 Users!

Roughly 18 months ago we launched MapAList with no publicity whatsoever. Brian, our founder, head developer, and resident visionary, shared his excitement around the solution with friends and family triggering our user base to slowly begin growing.

Within a few months a handful of publications picked up on the simplicity and utility of MapAList and started to help us spread the word. was one of the first and gave us a huge boost. A week or so later The Chicago Tribune, The Orlando Sentinal, and The Baltimore Sun featured MapAList in their "How 2" column and things really started to heat up.

From churches and wine distributors to real estate agents and news organizations, our users were finding creative and unique ways to make the most of MapAList.

International press soon followed with articles in Russian, Indian, and French publications just to name a few. An influx of Brazilian users soon made us aware that we had been featured in Info Exame (a highly-popular Brazilian technology magazine). Users all over the world were leveraging MapAList to visualize their lists and share them with their own user bases on the web.

On March 14th, 2009 at 9:53 AM Eastern time, our 5000th user created an account and began visualizing his lists using MapAList.

This marked an incredible milestone for the MapAList team. Thank you all for your enthusiasm around our solution and your excellent questions, comments, and ideas that ultimately make MapAList better.

Also, thank your for your donations - they are much appreciated and help keep our free service afloat. Please keep them coming...

--The Map Commissioner (E-mail)


  1. If you can provide a function about uploading different address lists and their tags are different on one map, it will be more useful.

  2. Would be great if you guys had a demo! :-) also are you using the Google Data APIs to pull data from the Google spreadsheet?